Balázs Berkovits

Critical Whiteness Studies and the “Jewish Problem”

The “whiteness” of Jews has recently become a popular topic both in public debates and in academic research (Critical Whiteness Studies). Within this discourse, “whiteness” is used as a critical concept denoting those who enjoy white privilege in American and other Western societies. However, attributing “whiteness” to Jews is more than controversial, for it assimilates the most persecuted minority in European history to the dominant majority, while downgrading the significance of antisemitism. This is a necessary move in order to reaffirm and critically address the fundamental nature of the black and white divide; however, it is questionable both methodologically and politically.

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(zuerst erschienen in: Zeitschrift für kritische Sozialtheorie und Philosophie Bd. 5/Heft 1 2018, S. 86-102)